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Money Heist Season 5: The Show Didn’t Mention Tatiana In The Heist?

MONEY HEIST viewers are already yearning to learn more content from Netflix’s striking Spanish crime thriller series. Now, as lovers are moving through before episodes, viewers have spotted a glaring problem with Denver’s true identity and his loved ones.
As it set up a tantalizing potential fifth show, money Heist lovers were left excited with the last episode of season four before this year. Netflix brought the show’s most up-to-date season with the team after a troubling group of episodes. After Denver (played by Jaime Lorente) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) eventually found Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) along with the remaining members of the heist they were eager to proceed to another step of the getaway with their coworkers and coworkers in tow.

Via Express UK proposes the concept that the two characters could be sisters. How? Well, the user foundation they are theory based on the end. That Alicia singing Bella Ciao was discovered by the fan. According to this particular scene, varshneymehul shared, “I feel that Tatiana and Alicia were sisters and Tatiana and Alicia knew about Sergio, that is why she had been singing Bella Ciao in the conclusion. Also, perhaps she had some grudges because Tatiana had died because of Berlin (Andres de Follonosa) and Professor (Sergio). Overall, it will be good.”

Money Heist Season 5

The user also notes that there is. The show didn’t mention Tatiana in the heist. The character was introduced at the heist that was next, with a wedding played out in the fourth year. Given that the founder, Alex Pina, hasn’t said anything about the whereabouts of the few after the marriage, he can spin the story in a shocking twist.

While we wait to find out how the plot spins, what do you think of the concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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