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Motorsports 2020 Calendar Competitors

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After a more than four-month hiatus, motorsports are once again hitting the track! The dates for the next six months of this year’s Giti Motorsports Schedule has been released, but please keep in mind that these dates are tentative and subject to change as the coronavirus response continues to play out. But that won’t stop motorsports from putting on an exciting show! Below is an overview of some of the programs and their highlights participating in this year’s motorsports schedule.

Formula Drift

Formula Drift prides itself as entering its 12th season! Started in 2003 as the brainchild between Jim Liaw and Ryan Sage, the series has risen from a previously obscure to an internationally recognized brand. The series is different from conventional racing circuits in that drivers do not win simply by crossing the finish line but rather are judged on traits like style and skill to win. The competition it brings combines conventional driving with a modern skill that aims to take away any unfair advantage in sponsorships to even the playing field for all drivers.

Though Formula Drift initially planned on having eight rounds of PRO competition and four rounds of PRO2 competition at four venues, unfortunately, this will not happen. The eight PRO events will continue as scheduled but the four PRO2 events will exclude fans do to coronavirus travel concerns. Fans who purchased tickets to the affected tracks in New Jersey, Atlanta, Somona, and the first Irwindale race will get full refunds within two weeks. On a better note, there will be multiple double-header events at Worldwide Technology Raceway, Evergreen Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and Irwindale Speedway.

ETRC European Truck Races

Operating since 1985, the European Truck Racing Circuit has been operating in its current format since 2006 when the Super Race Truck and Race Truck categories were combined into one. This was to allow trucks with less advanced engines, suspensions, and brakes to be able to compete fairly with other like trucks. The circuit is also unique in that it only allows a big rig with a weight of at least 10,000 pounds to participate.

Since the competition began, Mercedes has won thirteen times but that does not mean other drivers this year are not gunning for that top spot! Though the maximum horsepower today is about 1,100 horsepower compared to the 1,500 horsepower it used to be that does not detract from the competition. Speaking of competition, the schedule this year offers to be one of the most exciting due to the incredibly varied race tracks the competition is coming to this year in places such as Hungary, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

These family-friendly vacation spots are the perfect place for the more than 420,000 spectators that come to these events annually. Also, the races host tons of the newest gear and equipment in the trucking industry so after the races are done you can go check out the latest and greatest technology in the industry. If that was not enough for you, the races also fundraise and raise awareness of the shocking shortage of truck drivers both in Europe and around the world.

Fun Cup UK

Founded in 2002 as an affordable, enjoyable racing experience for everyday people to be able to get into, Fun Cup UK has grown into a mainstream hit! Every vehicle has essentially the same design. They are all single-seaters powered by a 1800cc, 130 horsepower VW/Audi petrol engine. Every vehicle is exactly the same and they do not allow any aftermarket modifications. That way the competition is fairer for all and the focus is more on driving skill than just car modifications.

The teams are composed of between two to six-man teams and the competitions last between three to eight hours. This allows for about eight times the driving time as most other professional circuits. The cost of entrance is also amongst the cheapest at about 30,000 dollars per car and this cost is usually divided amongst the team making it the most affordable professional racing circuit to enter the world. Their culminating event every year at the Francorchamps in Belgium consists of 155 vehicles also making it one of the largest professional races by driver size. As an additional fun fact, many teams even allow for drivers for hire so if you ever wanted to get in on some professional driving while on a budget this might be your chance!

Digital Sim-Racing

Since the in-person races were canceled after coronavirus broke out, racing had to continue somehow for the eager fans across the world. The main way drivers could do this was something called iRacing. For those not familiar with iRacing, it is an online racing simulator that allows head-to-head competition over the internet. All sorts of people can participate in it from amateur bedroom racers to professional drivers with sponsors and real-life experience. IRacing covers nearly every type of motorsport, including NASCAR, IndyCar, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, and Australian Supercars.

The only real equipment drivers need are a gaming console and a controller, but iRacing’s program uses real-world physics, so even the slightest movement of the wheel will affect changes in codes for the advanced physics program that runs it. Drivers can try to gain a competitive edge by obtaining the most advanced programs and computers to make their systems as sensitive as possible. Numerous racers have started to get top of the line set-ups, but buyer beware even the best rigs cannot help bad drivers!


The set up for this year’s motorsports schedule is diverse, unique, and sure to bring something for everybody. Though coronavirus has taken out some of the traditional ways of experiencing motorsports, the cunning edge technology will surely bring a new and exciting experience for everyone. Whether you like big rigs, small cars, or conventional formula racing the schedule is diverse and interesting all year-round. Now the only thing you have to hope for is that the coronavirus starts to go away to keep such an action-packed and awesome schedule!

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