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New Head for Nissan on 1 December


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Tokyo has sent in some report for the Nissan. And it is as glorious as any other. Makoto Uchida, the new CEO of Nissan, is going to join the new terms and hold new helm from 1 December. The new Ceo of Nissan will have a lot of work and leadership to prove. And he, along with his team, will have to likely, rebuild the Nissan which is at present a scandal-tainted automaker.

The Changes!!

Along with him are coming to the new Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta and Jun Seki, the new vice-chief Operating officer. And they will be having similar aims of cleansing the company of the lately occurring corruption. So, this exits the higher posts. Earlier, the announcements revealed their office new terms to be starting from 1 January by Nissan.
Initially, Hiroshi Yamauchi, who has been serving as an interim CEO since the resignation of Hiroti Saikawa in September. And after the new post-installation, he will have to step down as an operating officer, but he will be still on board. A great thing for him and the company as well.

There are also some other shuffles announced henceforth. They include Jose Luis Valls going as the president of Nissan North America, promoted to executive vice president at the parent body of the company. Christian Vandenhende, the current vice-CEO, is going to refresh his position and role as the vice chief performing officer. And he is also going to resume his current office and title as the chief quality officer. In the latter part, he is presided by Gupta, who is going to be the Concurrent CPO.
Stephen Ma, who was the earlier corporate vice president in charge of control and accounting, is going to preside over now as the new chief financial officer of Nissan. He is going to replace Hiroshi Karube, and he is going to leave the company now. Also, the long-serving Philipe Klein is retiring the company and takes Hitoshi Kawaguchi with himself. Sad, but changes are for good sometime. Time is all you have to respect.

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