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New Promises from UAW chief

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High standards and Gentlemen Conduct- these words were admired by Rory Gamble, the acting president of the UAW at Detroit. Here, he was addressing the rank and file members this Tuesday. And it was all about promises and regular commitments and regular communication. These steps pertain to the new forces and effort towards restoring integrity to the union. As we see, the union is among the news for a few days regarding the corruption probe.

Earlier, his predecessor UAW president Gary Jones took a paid leave of absence due to the same probe. He said that recent events are a lot depressing and disappointing, considering the involvement of members and leaders of the union in corruption. And this is not. Still, he is angry, too, on the matter. But, he claimed that his presence was not a scene of judging or prejudging on their behalf, for the truth is still to be out. But he has to run the union, and he will take it forward with a positive step.

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As per the news and reports, 12 people from the company have charges of corruption. Out of those, 10 have already guilty pleas, and the matter seems quite severe. And, the lead goes to an extensive corruption probe. The Federal prosecutors allege union leaders of corruption. And they suspect them of stealing money from membership and are asking them for guilty of spending the money of themselves. The money has gone for personal luxuries such as champagne, cigars, golf clubs and fancy dinner party. Gamble promised the audience of his Zero-tolerance policies and strict approach to an inappropriate action. He also emphasized that now UAW will adhere to the highest standard of conducts, just like once followed by Walter Reuther. He wants to exceed them, and this is going to be his priority.

Gamble is since the beginning and using various new tacts. And he is regular with the communication. He is not the Jones who instead showed up than his spokesperson in the media. Gamble has a lot of tough tasks, a lot of things to balance and is mid of contracts too.

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