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Nikola to compete Tesla, in the electric semi truck race?

Tesla finally has an underdog rival, but its semi-truck concept.


Nikola Motor Company, the Phoenix-based electric vehicle startup had sued Tesla, the electric vehicle giant. But now it is moving now and has big future plans. Literally big means semi truck big. The company is looking forward to merging with another company, VectoIQ. The plans would involve designing electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, a new factory in Arizona, a pickup truck. And also a network of hydrogen fueling stations—two dozen in the next four years.

From that story, here’s what they’re up to:

Nikola’s electric-battery heavy trucks are designed for short hauls of up to 300 miles and can be recharged in several hours. Its hydrogen fuel-cell trucks are designed for hauls of up to 750 miles and can be refueled within about 15 minutes. Both zero-emission vehicles are slightly heavier than conventional diesel trucks and haul slightly less freight, according to Nikola’s analysis.

The company also is developing zero-emission light military vehicles, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles for consumer use, along with jet ski-like watercraft.

The rising Nikola can be the only bug in the eye of Tesla. For now, the official website of Nikola https://nikolamotor.com/motor showcases the semi-trucks and the nasty Nikola Badger.

Nikola Badger was the headline, a few months back, is a 906 hp, 600-mile range, fully electric, and fuel cell electric pickup truck. Looks like Tesla has a competition for the Cybertruck.


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Rishabh Chugh
Rishabh Chugh
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