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Nissan and Renault on repairing their Alliance

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As we hear, the pandemic is reeling a lot to the carmakers, and bringing the worst for them. We see a lot many new decisions among this pandemic. Nissan and Renault are planning to go back to their alliance. It is the same alliance they were unable to take profit on competitive stats in the world stage. It never was able to go beyond the joint procurement of automobile parts.

We have confirmed news from sources that both Nissan and Renault are on the path of restructuring their planning for upcoming events and the cost and cuts that will be a way to the job section. Thus, Renault and Nissan are moving towards their merger again. They want to fix their alliance, which currently stands ibn a troubled place so that they can face the pandemic crisis.

It was Nissan who never came up for a full merger as they considered the partner was not doing well with their part. They believed that Renault was not performing the engineering well as they did in Japan. And thus, it will make a poor partnership.

Both the struggling platforms are going to make announcements on midterms soon. They just said that the earth becomes harder after rain, quoting to say that their partnership will be strong after strife.

That’s all from them. One such is Mitsubishi Motor Corp. who denied to be an informer as they are not allowed to talk to media.

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