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Nissan: Next Nissan Navara Might Not Be A Mitsubishi Triton Clone After All

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Nissan retains some of its identity on future models, this was just after 24 hours after executives of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance said they will largely look the same.

So it’s a Sharp U-Turn for Nissan in just 24 hours after the executive represents the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance says most of the future model will look the same. But with different badges and subtle styling cues. Nissan has vowed to retain some of its identity.

However, in a video conference with international media all night with the president and CEO of Nissan globally, Makato Uchida. They ask to clarify the comments from the Alliance executives from the day before. And also expects to sell more cars if there was little differentiation between them.

He stated that the Nissan-ness of the future model will recognize by the upper body of the model.

The Nissan boss says that the current arrangements with Renault saw unique bodies for both the brands fit common underpinnings.

Each of the partners tries to avoid cannibalization on a common model by unique designs.

As a result, we look at a significant difference between the two Nissan and Renault. So this results in less efficiency in investment. From past lessons, we are learning and trying to be more efficient.

Under the new report, all three Alliance partners plan to share upper bodies on the future models three or five years from now.

Next Nissan Navara

When asked to clarify how common the brands are going to be between the styling:

Uchida-san says this doesn’t mean that they are going to adopt a similar upper body.

However, there will be a small difference between while we may use existing assets.

In addition, he says the Alliance partner may look to adopt similar doors. Therefore the mainframe and cabin designs of each vehicle.

In this case of Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton, it may share the same basic cabin shape and design. But they have a unique front-end and ute tubs.




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