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    Nissan on a Mission: The plan is for a next-gen thing,the AWD EV powertrain

    A new mission

    Nissan has thought a whole new development for the upcoming generation. It is about the wheel drive electric drive train, with a digital cockpit display by its side and there is even a virtual reality avatar to keep drivers a company through the self-driving tech.

    The leader

    Nissan revealed this new concept at the advanced technology center outside TOKYO this month. The sole motive of NISSAN Motor Co.s is to promote itself as a leader in the field of electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity.

    Presently, Nissan elaborated about the robust state battery technology it has been working on ant the super-efficient internal combustion engine. According to Kazuhiro Doi, vice president of R&D engineering of Nissan, the reliable state batteries will be more efficient and safer than the lithium-ion batteries of today’s gen. it will help in providing higher energy density at a little cost.

    The revised techs

    The partners of Nissan in the new advancements are the same as before, plus Atsushi Teraji, the deputy general manager of powertrain and EV engineering. Taraji blushed; the reliable state batteries within ten years will ascend the market.
    Nissan is also working on the more efficient combustion engine to use as the electricity generator in the e-Power hybrid cars. The gasoline engine is the source of the batteries which power up the electric motor, which turns the wheel.

    Nissan believes in achieving a better efficiency rate through a couple of reasonable efforts like the development of a lean-burn combustion cycle, improvements in heat recovery, and a new approach towards the variable compression.

    Along comes the new twin-motor all-electric AWD system. It has been reviewed by the Ariya Concept crossover and will go on to the market by 2021. It might get some attention in the upcoming Tokyo Motor show. The Nissan’s Oppama is proving ground saw the prototype version with 160 KW motor on each axle. The battery size is about 227 KW. The original version will be a purified and much better one. It might be worth the wait. So, stay tuned, guys!! there might be more of this unexpected curves within a week.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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