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Nissan will electrify the U.S. pickups

News straight from Utah, heading up from Nissan. Engineers at Nissan are working to electrify the truck from the company. And they want their list among the growing field of competitors interested for the same electrifying segment. Francois Bailly, the global head of Nissan’s light commercial vehicles business commented last week stating the Electrification process as the key to their trucks and success shortly. This segment is full of fun to drive, and the torque, accelerations are all great. But the development time and the process still has a lot of things to uncover and plan within.

The today day to day technology will be the deciding factor for the dilemma of whether Nissan’s pickups will get a hybrid power train or full battery-electric powertrains. And it will be quite responsive to wait for the results. Bailly also stated that they seek to go for no compromises policy regarding towing and the terms of payload. And they also want to keep the price of the pickups in an affordable range for the customers. The pickup trucks must come in the budget, Bailly stressed during the press conference.

The present Scenario!!!

In the present scenario, we can find that the electrification is sweeping all around in the sedan and crossover segments. But the automakers have been hesitant to attempt it on their workday pickup products. The main priorities here for the automakers may identify as no non-sense power and driving range. But these are also changing.

The U.S. pickups kings like Ford and General Motors are already planning the electric versions of their current splashing models and important ones. We can expect an electric Ford F-150 in early 2021. Also, Michigan based Rivian is launching the battery-powered R1T. Also, this week will witness the EV powerhouse Tesla release Blade runner inspired pickup on the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Nissan is taking great steps but rather in a conservative manner to transform the lineup into an electric one. And Bailly refers to electric pickups today as only a niche market. So, they won’t see a customer going for limited towing and pickup payload.


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