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No auto Tariffs from Trump on EU: European Commission Chief

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The report suggests a lot of things. Here are a major thing from them this evening. The leaving European chief commission president Jean Claude Juncker has a lot of faith in Donald Trump. And he believes that he will not impose any tariffs on the imported European cars. This conversation took place with Germany’s Sueddeutsche. In the prerelease extracts of the interview, he mentioned that Trump might criticize the European models but there won’t be any tariffs upon them. And he is quite sure of his information. A lot of confidence I guess.

However, no comments came from the U.S. Commerce Department. But, Junkers made sure through his events that America will hold off the tariff plans on imported vehicles. And this would have effected adversely and in major ways of the ripple effect on European Automaker and many other suppliers of the United States. These will be made clear by November 14. And it’s necessary under some clauses of Section 232. The tariffs have once moved on by six months. But still, some experts from trade and automobile background suggest a similar action again from the government and Trump.

A lot of comments!!!

Matt Blunt, the head of the trade group of General Motors’s, Ford, Fiat, and some more had also an opposing view. He believes that such impositions of section 232 tariff on the automobile or parts will be harmful to the business and a lot of downfall of Auto industry and its market. The United states have done the talking and signing with Japan and South Korea. But the deals with the E.U. are a lot slower and disappointing to look at. The previous tales have staved off the tariffs. This was made clear by Trump who stated that tales with E.U. continues and aims to avoid the tariffs for the time being.

There are still hopes from the comments of U.S. treasury Secretary and he lauds the investment from the E.U. diplomats and is a good sign of reprieve. While the Senate Chairperson Charles Glassy is a critic of Government and declares the issue a national threat. And he comments of fear of delayed results on Tariffs.

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