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No Dutch Grand Prix in 2020 Confirmed

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It will be 2021, a great wait for Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen, to race in front of his home crowd. We have confirmed the news that the 2020 Dutch Grand Prix stands closed. It was to go with the new restructured circuit, Zandvoort. But now, we will see more of it in 2021.

With many races canceled since the beginning of 2020 and many held behind doors or online, it was this decision for the Grand Prix. They will go for the next year Zandoovt’s return. this is the first time since 1985. And they won’t like to go on with fanless Grand Prix at all for this. They were totally ready for their first races, and they still are in full preparation. This was confirmed by the former f1 driver Jam Lammers. They have combined with Formula one team to bring out the possibility of a rescheduled match this year, without fans, but not the Zandvoort. What they want with the races at Zandvoort is only with big celebrations, and with all the fans there to enjoy it as well.

They say to have waited 35 years, another one will be the same. So they all want us to be patient. Talking of the canceled game, the old tickets will be valid fr the next year’s seat as well. There will be also an option for a refund to those who got a ticket in the wallet. The winding tracks have been restructured at Zandvoort to make its return to Formula One. It has been banked many places to give place o new Formula One machinery. So, the news means another one year before the iconic track reveals itself to the racers, set loose.

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