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Ogier took over by Neuville but Tanak got away to lead.

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Two Rally GB stage won by Thierry Neuville and he took away the second place from his title rival, the World Rally Champion Sebastien Ogier on this Saturday afternoon, but the Toyota’s Ott Tanak still got away with the first prize.
The ripping under the rear bump made an early scare to Tanak as he was not able to hear any of the things as his co-driver Martin Jarveoja said. The incident occurred at the Sweet Lamb stage during the early hours.
But it seemed a little bit of concern as the driver appeared unaffected on the following tests and the result was just 0.4 seconds behind Neuville. At a time, there had been a chance where this driver was 1.5s ahead of Hyundai’s driver on the split time moment.
Now occupying the second tally space behind Tanak, he won the reruns of Dyfi and Myherin, It was a great performance on the sweet lamb by Tanak though the performance by the Neuville team ensured that the lead gal would be up to 10.1s. Here, it was seen that only Andreas Mikkelsen was faster than the champion himself.
This afternoon also saw Ogier lagging behind his rival title on this stage because of the lesser grip as the rain had begun to fall once again this polished nature.
Dyfi gave away 3.9/s to Neuville and was too much a cost as it left only 6.2 s to takeover later at the final slap for the day. Most of the afternoon, we saw Keus Meeke getting up with the pace of Ogier for the fourth position though landed up eight seconds behind this former GB winner. Morning loops saw the win of Elfyn Evans by M sports and to defend himself Mikkelsen got to win the stage on Lamb Street. The early race saw him as the fastest as Evans backed because he feared a puncture and held himself back at that moment and hence got himself four seconds lagging. But he took over by his steady pace on the other two stages and got into the fifth-place bringing lap down to 2.8 seconds.

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