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Opel’s camo-car spotted, could be the new Mokka???

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Opel is testing its new subcompact SUV. And the new vehicle will be a replacement for the best seller in Europe, Mokka. It was introduced in 2012 and Opel is now keen to replace it. The new Mokka models will be on-road by early 2021.

Why the hurry to replace the strong-selling current model? In a previous turnaround strategy announcement for Opel, PSA Group said it planned to transfer the entire portfolio of Opel cars to PSA Group platforms no later than 2024.

Opel’s Sale Agreement which was made between GM and PSA group has blocked Opel from selling the GM based platforms where Gm brands. While PSA has to pay royalties to GM for using its powertrains and platforms. The new Mokka’s platform is PSA Group’s CMP (also known as EMP1) design for subcompact and compact cars. It also integrates the electrification technology, that made its debut in DS3 Crossback.

The spy shots hint to a different design and styling. It won’t be surprising if it’s the same as Opel’s GT X Experimental concept unveiled in 2018 as a preview of new styling themes for Opel. An electric powertrain can be also included paired with turbocharged 4-inline in flavors of both petrol and diesel.

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An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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