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Polestar 1 2020

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It is a great electric hybrid performance that has been designed without any compromise or complaint and the design has been taken care to the micro-level of the vehicle. It is an example of world-class engineering and offers you an uncompromised design.
Its components are composed of high-quality material polestar 1 is composed of carbon fiber for the roofline and is used to create a unique silhouette. The wing on the décor and the instrument panel on the inside is also made of the carbon fiber. The sound system compromises of the Bowers and Wilkins sound system to deliver high-end audio.
Elaborate inside lighting and premium quality ambiance have been taken care of by the company for the passengers. Also, there are these intricate leather details and handcrafted upholstery.
The car has a panoramic fixed glass roof that stretches all through the design of the vehicle this is there to provide an unobstructed overview and there is a leather-clad console for the driver too.
There are interior as well as exterior designs available according to the choice and preferences of the customers.
The two electric motors for the rear wheel and the petrol engine for the front wheel has given it a power of 700 hp and a torque of 1000Nm.
There is the four-cylinder engine that is both supercharged and turbocharged. There are excellent performance and convenience available like the unique HMI and a screen touch navigation system and voice control, too. Then there is this new mobile interplay into the role which offers services like valet cleaning and equipment hire facilities. Then there is the torque vectoring quite unique to this design. The carbon polymer and the standard rear axle spoiler creates a high high-speed downforce. There are also these six-piston brakes by the Akebono for the unique Polestar 1 on each front wheels. These acts as an excellent service to the high performance of the exceptional powerful brakes. Also, it has a great deal of safety to offer under the new advanced technologies. The electric range of the car is approximately 150 km in the pure mode.

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