Porsche Cayenne Review: Pushes the Boundaries of Hybridization

To all those that do have their hearts racing when they heart an engine roaring, we do say there is a new supremacy in town. With the progression of the century, we have seen the hybrid cars slowly making it into the bigger market, and it seems every car manufacturing big name wants a piece of the pie in the car race.

Hence today, we introduce to you the new great, the hybridization of the motor mobile. Today, my fellow car enthusiasts we are looking at how the new Porsche Cayenne pushes the boundaries of hybridization.

Since the dawn of the technological ages, it has been a rat race for the car manufacturing companies as they all try to reach perfection and give the greatest hybrid car ever to grace the tar marks of the work. To start with, it is characterized under the SUVs. It produces a horsepower of 134. The car can travel for a total of 13 miles on electricity without resorting to its internal combustion engine.

Yes, you got us right; the car also has an internal combustion engine which makes it better options than other vehicles that only resort to the electrical power.

We see that the car has a battery life that has been extended by up to thirty per cent of the previous car, and this has been achieved without even increasing the battery size. It is turbocharged and has a v-6 engine which still makes it the beast it is supposed to be.

Now going to the part most of us have been waiting for, this car goes for a starting price of eighty thousand United States dollars. This estimated price is without some added features like the leather interior or the customized coloring.

Now to our fellow enthusiast who can afford this, we say that this is the plug-in car to add to your car collection.

Anoj Kumar
Anoj Kumar is the Editorial Director for the AutoFreak. Anoj has been consistently named one of the top Influencers and Author by independent organizations. He is a frequently quoted source in Auto-Mobile.


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