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Psychonauts 2: When is Psychonauts 2 released? You need to know everything !!!

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A follow-up to the fan-favorite original that came out back in 2006, Psychonauts 2 has had a long road to completion. Following a successful crowd-funding campaign that raised $3.8million, Psychonauts will very soon be bringing its unique style to modern consoles.

Here’sHere’s everything we know about the very odd but beloved Psychonauts 2…

When is Psychonauts 2 released?

Psychonauts 2 was initially due out in 2019, but developer Double Fine announced they were delaying the release to 2020 to make the game as good as possible. The platformer is still expected to release later this year, five years after it was first announced at the 2015 Game Awards.

What consoles and platforms will be Psychonauts 2 released on?

Psychonauts 2 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft, Linux, and Macintosh Operating Systems.

What’s Psychonauts 2 about?

The plot follows the interestingly-named Razputin (Raz) Aquato, who has achieved his dream of joining the international psychic espionage organization the Psychonauts. However, Raz soon discovers that the organization is not all it seems, and that research has been diverted away from peace-keeping and instead towards practices such as necromancy…

In the third-person platformer, the player takes control of Raz, who uses his psychic abilities to delve into others’others’ minds. Once inside, gameplay consists of using “psi-powers” such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and levitation, as well as traditional platforming elements such as jumping.

Expect bright visuals, plenty of unique characters, and bucketloads of wacky humor.

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