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Racing Point will not grow DAS, because advantages outweigh costs

Team Manager Opinion:

According to team manager Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point will have to closely weigh the costs and advantages of implementing a DAS program before it turns green light on such a project.

On Thursday, during the first Formula 1 test in Barcelona, Mercedes announced that it using a ‘ dual-axis steering ‘ (DAS) system. With FIA information and tacit approval.

Nevertheless, the FIA moved to confirm on Friday morning that such a system will not permit under the 2021 rules. Although this year teams may opt to build their own Mercedes system variants.

Szafnauer agreed that the DAS a clever bit of creativity. He predicts that we now see how easy we can get it going.

Racing Point also purchases some Mercedes suspension components along with its power unit and gearbox but does not use any Mercedes steering system elements.

Nevertheless, Szafnauer maintained that if it concluded the project worthwhile. The team would prefer to continue with its program than buying one.

Once asked whether Racing Point would create its program As he replied, depending on the commitment and the gain.

If for no profit, it is a huge effort, perhaps not, because we have limited resources. But if for a big benefit, it’s a small effort, then perhaps yes.

Recalling The Old Days:

I recall, in the days of the McLaren F-duct, getting everyone else was a little bit of a ruse.

Since McLaren has spent so much time and money creating it that they felt it wasn’t an easy thing to do, though. Well, let them spend all their time and energy developing this during the season, which means they’re not going to develop anything else.

So there’s that problem there too. I think it’s coming down to profit versus commitment, again. So if the investment is too high for a value that isn’t there. Then you should invest your limited resource on something that will earn you a bigger profit.


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