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Red Dwarf Season 13: Know the Plot, Trailer Updates, Release Date, And Much More !!!

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Red Dwarf season 13 was confirmed in 2018 with the classic sci-fi sitcom continuing after its revival in 2011. The recommission was announced by the cast at the Thames Con convention in Oxford shire last year. Since then, though, there’s been little information about the brand new series, but it looks like work will be starting soon on the show.

Red Dwarf Season 13

Red Dwarf wouldn’t be the same without its leading quartet of stars and the now-iconic spaceship crew.

So former Coronation Street star Craig Charles will be returning as Lister.

Strictly Come Dancing star and former Death in Paradise actor Danny John-Jules was too cold for school Cat.

TV presenter Robert Llewellyn is back in the role of robot Kryten.

Finally, Brittas Empire star Chris Barrie is going to be back as the annoying Rimmer.

We can also expect to see some guest Casts and perhaps some cameos from famous faces.

The plot of season 13

Although not much is known, the cast of Red Dwarf recently reunited for an AA advert, which sees the crew using the company’s new app to call for help after breaking down.

Speaking about how shooting the advert compared to working on an episode of Red Dwarf, Robert Llewellyn said that an episode of the show usually took a week compared to the commercial’s shorter time frame.

Trailer Updates

As filming hasn’t started yet, there’s no trailer, but we’ll update it when one does drop.

A trailer or teaser is likely to be dropping once filming has either started or the Seen has been shot.

However, something is likely to be released closer to the air date for the new series.

Release Date of season 13

As Red Dwarf is yet to start filming, there is no air date, but going by previous premieres, the show could be out in October 2020.

Just like the previous seasons on channel Dave, there are likely to be another six episodes.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Craig Charles said: “Filming is going to commence in November through to the December, and that’s all we can say really.”

Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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