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Resident Evil Release Date, Cast, Plot And Update

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Per the folks at Biohazard Declassified, although this statement may be RE8 associated, it seems more likely that the announcement is related to Gold members being updated to platinum’ standing on the Ambassador program, which will make them a complete Resident Evil Ambassador’. But given the leaks surrounding RE8 releasing in 2021, and also the fact that we could see something later this summer related to it (based on Biohazard Declassified’s sources, the trailer is”ready to go”), this should not be ruled out.

It seems as if we may not need to wait for the long-rumored Resident Evil 8 or the Resident Evil 4 remake. Via PlayStation Universe, Capcom’s Resident Evil Ambassador Program is gearing up for a major announcement next month, according to a different email sent out to Gold members.

One recipient, Twitter user Kula_9S85, posted an image of the email, which roughly translated, reads: “The word being judged seems on the Ambassador page. The result announcement is exciting.” Be aware that the show is scheduled for June 10, which based on the time of day will be June 10 for nations or June 9.

Making things interesting is that June 10 drops in the second week of June, which appears to be when Xbox is set to hold their Summer Games Fest occasion. The other big question is precisely what Capcom will show…

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