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Reviewing Tesla Model 3 – The Most Affordable Make by Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s low-priced electric car but in more ways, the best. However, it’s still more expensive than many petrol and diesel cars. Tesla has unaidedly changed the electric-car landscape, and Model 3 is the cheapest way to try one of the company’s tech wonders. 

Specs that stand out :

Power 252bhp

Torque 277lb

Fuel economy 3.13mpkWh

CO2 emissions 0g/km

70-0mph 45.5m


It’s simple and minimalistic. It’s all good quality, and nearly every function is controlled through its large central screen. Two adults will fit in the second-row comfortably too. Vegan leather and glossy piano-black trim do a great job uplifting the Model 3’s appeal.


All Tesla Model 3s come with a gigantic 15-inch widescreen touchscreen mounted on their dashboard, through which pretty much everything is controlled. The only things not controlled by this super-responsive high-definition screen are the electric seats, the position of the steering wheel and the angle of the door mirrors. The satellite navigation is easy to program, though, and the colourful Google Maps imagery makes directions a doddle to follow. It’s good enough that you soon forget Tesla doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

There’s plenty of opportunity for charging your smartphone in the Model 3, too, because you get a couple of USBs in the front and another couple in the back. Optional wireless charging for the front is available also.


On a warm, dry day, and with around 90% of charge in its drive battery, it took 5.8sec to hit 60mph from rest.

The Model 3’s Autopilot and Autosteer task extend faraway motorway lane keeping. It also provides traffic jam assist functionality to drive the car around town and to arrange junctions autonomously – in theory. However, they’re troubling structure to use.

Autopilot will centre the car within its way and maintain a chosen speed. It will also regulate distance to the vehicle in front and perform lane changes automatically. The system asks you to keep a hand on the wheel at all times. However, oddly it requires no input of physical effort from the driver at all and is prone to deactivation if you do attempt to steer the car slightly.


It might be the young and cheaper car of the Tesla range, but the Model 3’s stylish looks, futuristic-yet-practical cabin and sports-car-baiting performance make it one of the best electric cars on sale. It starts at 42,500 pounds in the UK.


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