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Shivam Phutela – A Rising Travel Enthusiast And Entrepreneur

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Born in the city of farmers, Haryana, Shivam was brought up and he completed his schooling in Dav Public School, Thermal colony (Panipat). He’s known for his unmatched knowledge and skills in the field of travel and his travel marketing techniques. At the young age of 24, he has already earned a name for himself through his exceptional digital marketing skills. Besides that, he always had a keen interest in tours and travels. After completing his schooling, he decided to pursue his interests and that paid off for him. Today he’s a youth icon and a digital marketing guru who is also known for celebrity promotions. His hardwork and drive for his passion paid off and now he’s an inspiration looked up to by many young minds of the country. 

Digital promotion is his field of expertise and his work experience with big companies from all across the globe proves his vast knowledge of the world of digital marketing.  His name is a prominent one when it comes to the leading digital marketing experts of India. As mentioned earlier, he has been interested in the field of tours and travels since childhood. Today, he runs a desert safari company of his own called ‘Desertraja’ and is making the desert safari experience for tourists there a memorable experience. Let’s have a look at his company ‘Desertraja’.

Shivam established a travel company of his own named Desertraja, that provides tour packages mostly for a desert safari in Dubai. 

A desert safari is a prime experience that is filled with the true essence of a desert. You are taken on an adventurous dune bashing and you also get the chances to see/interact with camels, buggy riding, quad bike riding, free unlimited food, snacks and drinks, and even VIP desert camps. Desertraja is the best company for desert safaris, and makes sure you enjoy your desert safari experience to its fullest.

Shivam Phutela is definitely one of the youth faces leading India on the path of development, and is someone who has inspired countless youths of his same age by proving that rising up isn’t as hard as people say it is. If you’re determined enough, you can get whatever you want. He’s definitely one of the youth faces leading India on the path of development. With desertraja shivam is planning to change the world of desert safari.

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