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Skoda Scala Spider Teased Revealing Sleek Form Ahead of June

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The one-off car built by the apprentices of the group.

Today, Skoda is offering the first glimpse of its upcoming 7th Student Car. This built by apprentices from the company’s vocational school. Radically different from last year’s Kodiaq-powered off-road pick-up truck named “Mountaiq”. So, the current one-off model is based on Scala.

As you can see from the accompanying preview drawing, some changes made as to the rear doors and seats gone, and so the wall. This is because the main idea was to turn the five-door hatchback into a more attractive Snake.

About The Mode:

Throughout the span of several months, 20 apprentices worked on the Scala Spider to cut off the roof and rebuild the rear end to create a streamlined bodywork, complete with a pair of junks behind the Porsche 911 Speedster seats.

You can also note the centrally mounted hex exhaust tip and the two-tone alloy wheels borrowed from the Octavia RS. As it weighs 19 inches. Another sketch reveals that the cabin will be essentially turned over. With the red stitching on the steering wheel indicating that the dashboard will be copied from the high-end Monte Carlo model.

Skoda is not ready to announce the name of the vehicle yet. But we do know that the open-top Scala will be launched sometime in June. It would be fascinating to see if the apprentices of the vocational school in Mladá Boleslav. And built a folding top for the Spider or a one-off prototype car that is completely roofless.

It is worth noting that the students received tips and suggestions from the company’s actual design team, including Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Production.

The Scala Spider is only one of the many Skoda Student Cars to come without a windshield. As the 2018 Sunroq was a convertible based on a Karoq compact crossover.


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