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Spenser Confidential 2 Cast, Plot And Release Date Prediction

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Netflix’s Spenser Confidential continues to be formally released worldwide and neatly sets Spenser Confidential 2 – but can it occur, and what can fans expect if it does? The film relies on the characters created by Robert B. Parker. After debuting at 1973’s The Godwulf Manuscript, Parker revisited the characters for over forty stories. After Parker’s passing, however, the series was taken over by crime reporter-turned-novelist Ace Atkins. He has since written eight books. It was his second story, 2013’s Wonderland, that served as the free inspiration for Spencer Confidential.

Directed by Peter Berg, the film marked the fifth alliance with Mark Wahlberg following 2018’s Mile 22. Wahlberg stars as Spenser, a former Boston police officer who was imprisoned for assaulting his ruler, John Boylan (Michael Gaston). Released following a sentence, Spenser immediately pursued his goal to start new in Arizona. Unfortunately, the other colleague’s suicide and the murder of Boylan drew Spenser to a web of police corruption, drug trafficking, and death.

Spenser Confidential also stars Alan Arkin as Spencer’s boxing trainer Henry, Iliza Shlesinger because of his fiery ex Cissy, and Winston Duke as his new roommate Hawk. All three found themselves dragged into proceedings as put some demons to rest, and Spenser sought to unravel the puzzle. Interspersed with regular set-pieces, both action-packed and comedically driven, Spenser Confidential has proven hugely successful for the streaming service, despite extremely lukewarm reviews. As a result, many enthusiasts have questioned whether or not a sequel is forthcoming.

Spenser Confidential Sets Up A Sequel

Spenser Confidential laid the groundwork for a followup. Having dismantled Driscoll’s criminal empire in action-packed fashion, Spenser sat down to enjoy a meal with Hawk, Henry, and Cissy. As the group chit-chatted, from while Spenser was in prison, a news report came on the TV and reported. Spenser realized the man being detained as somebody he moved to high school with. Despite Henry’s pleas for the channel to be altered, Spenser remained transfixed as his innocence was declared by his classmate and begged for help. It had been apparent from the expression of Spenser that his detective instincts had been sparked by the private connection and could push him straight.

Though the name of Spenser’s high school buddy was distinct, the nature of the reported case sounded remarkably similar to this from Atkins’ fifth Spenser novel, Slow Burn – that sees Spenser chase a hazardous arsonist. Whether Spenser Confidential 2 follows through with this threat remains unclear. On the flip side, it might result in a narrative. On the other, it could just as likely function as a coda that highlights the core trends of Spenser before leap-frogging it over to the central mystery of another novel.

Spenser Confidential 2 Isn’t Confirmed Yet

Unfortunately for fans, it is far too early to know when Netflix will formally greenlight Spenser Confidential 2. There are many reasons to stay optimistic. To begin with, a blockbuster movie franchise bolstered by such an A-list celebrity as Wahlberg’s concept would be helpful to the service. That would have been the case, but the fact that Spenser Confidential has always remained in Netflix’s new Top 10 ranks since its global release will assuredly raise the chances of a sequel. Equally, fans of the Spenser books learning that a series of adaptations are in the works will create some new readers.

Spenser Confidential 2 Release Date Prediction

Spenser Confidential was initially announced in mid-2018, making it almost two decades before it was finally released on displays. As such, it would likely make mid-to-late 2022 the right choice for when Spenser Confidential two might emerge. Of course, it would all depend on Wahlberg’s program. He also remains an extremely in-demand actor while he would no doubt welcome working with Berg a time. After his breakout twist in Dark Panther, the exact same goes for Duke – who could reunite for the upcoming sequel in a more villainous role. Given that and the production problems emerging as a consequence of this Coronavirus outbreak, it could be much more before Spenser Confidential two begins filming, much fewer hits screens.

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