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Spenser Confidential 2 What Leaks Are Coming?

On March 6, 2020, the movie Spenser Confidential premiered on Netflix. The audience is a cop friend comedy and welcomed the film. Here is what you want to learn about the future of Spenser Confidential.

About Spenser Confidential:

Peter Berg, who has worked movies like Deepwater Horizon and Lone Survivor, directs the film. Spenser Confidential is your 5th collaboration of Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg. The movie is based on the book Wonderland. Additionally, it uses the names of characters from the novels of Robert B. Parker. The film revolves around Spenser, a detective who’s made to investigate a disturbing murder and a drug cartel.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin, Iliza Shlesinger, Bokeem Woodbine, Marc Maron, and Austin Post. Six weeks following the release of the film, Netflix reported that the movie was observed in almost 85 million households.

About Spenser 2:

There has been no statement from Netflix or Berg about the sequel of Spenser Confidential. In reality, Mark Wahlberg, in his acting career of 25 decades, has appeared in just three movie sequels. Spenser Confidential ends on a, which means there’s a possibility of a sequel. In reality, the movie’s producer Neal Moritz has commented in an interview: “I read a bunch of the Spenser books and believed it had the fantastic possibility for a series or a franchise of movies.”

Also, Wahlberg, Duke, Berg has shown interest in the potential sequel. His sidekick Hawk and Spenser can go on a different mission to solve more robust cases. The possibility of the sequel also counts on the interest.

Director Peter Berg has high hopes. “I do feel like [‘Spenser Confidential’] lends itself nicely to a sequel, clearly given how we ended up this film. I hope the movie is a victory by whatever barometer Netflix utilizes”, he explained in an interview.


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