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Sports Car Ferrari has doubts over FIA’s Abu Dhabi GP F1 fuel verdict

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Ferrari doubts there was a discrepancy between the amount of fuel Found in the car for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of Formula 1 and its own declaration of Charles Leclerc, Autosport knows.

Ferrari was fined $50,000 in Abu Dhabi following FIA checks found there Was 4.88kg more gas from your car than had been declared by the group.

It Has assessed its figures again and Ferrari can’t explain why the fuel weight figure of the FIA differs from the calculation of what was at the vehicle.

The procedure About the total amount of fuel in the vehicle is covered under a directive – TD12-19 – that was issued prior to the beginning of the season.

Teams Need to declare the amount of fuel that they intend to spend the car – that covers the laps to the formation lap, the grid, the race and the in-lap – at least 2 hours prior to the pitlane starts.

The FIA can subsequently conduct random checks until the pitlane opens to check the declaration matches the amount of fuel in the tank.

It Was during one of those checks on Leclerc’s Ferrari that the FIA found the amount of fuel and a gap between what Ferrari had announced it believed was in the vehicle.

But it was not until 16.22 – Eight minutes before the pitlane started for the start of the race – which Ferrari was notified the FIA had discovered this discrepancy.

By that Point, it had been too late to request another check on the total amount of fuel and, once Leclerc had abandoned the garage, there was no means of demonstrating the fuel amount.

As a result of the FIA locating the discrepancy, Ferrari was summoned to some hearing that was post-race, and the group was granted a $50,000 fine for a violation of the International Sporting Code.

The FIA ruled that Ferrari broke Article 12.1.1. I of the ISC, that Says that there was a”failure to follow the instructions of the officials that are applicable for the secure and orderly conduct of the Event”.

The stewards said there was no technical principles violation Is no suggestion that Ferrari may have burned more than the 110kg Allowed for the duration of the race.

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Ferrari Is known to be uncertain why there was a discrepancy since its calculations of this gas in the car of Leclerc stay in accord it made prior to the race.

It Doesn’t think it made A mistake with Ferrari, also its announcement stays convinced that the quantity of fuel at the car games that amount.

It’s known Had been utilized from the race, and A post-race test of the gas remaining in the Ferrari, tallied with the unique announcement of Ferrari.

Ferrari is experienced at the fuel check processes, And team principal.

“It Isn’t the first time We’re doing it [with the fuel assessed ],” explained Binotto. “This year We’ve been Assessed at least 10 times.

“It’s not the first time and it has ever been OK, and today we have got a discrepancy on that we don’t know the [reason].”

According to FIA documents, several fuel checks were carried out on all cars.

All these Coated gas meter calibration checksums, instantaneous fuel mass flow, fuel temperature and fuel mass .

The FIA confirmed that regulations were conformed to by all automobiles. Ferrari’s doubt regarding the discrepancy means there can be two alternatives to describe the episode.

Either Ferrari put fuel Car than it believes, something it’s adamant it did not do and has Found no evidence for the measurements of the FIA throughout its tests were Erroneous.


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