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Star Trek: Discovery season 3 Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date And Latest News

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The wait for Star Trek: Discovery period 3 was extended. In the year, the show has reportedly been postponed due to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic. But, fear not Stark Trek lovers, as there’s still plenty to know about the upcoming season, that will take us beyond where Star Trek has ever been before as we jump 930 years into the future — a span from the Star Trek timeline that has so far remained unexplored.

We’ve done our best to bring you the information from the banks around the upcoming batch of episodes, including our very best guess at a Star Trek: season 3 launch date — all things considered. Coordinates are placed for the 32nd century — engage!

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Star Trek: Discovery season 3 cast

Sending to the future has experienced a major effect on the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 cast, using the new narrative making it impossible for a huge chunk of the stars to reunite of the show. With Section 31 head Ash Tyler, Klingon High Council leader L’Rell, Captain Christopher Pike, Lieutenant Spock, Number One, Sarek, Amanda Grayson, as well as occasional thorn-in-the-side Harry Mudd left behind in the 23rd century, actors Shazad Latif, Mary Chieffo, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romijn, James Frain, Mia Kirshner, and Rainn Wilson, respectively, will be surplus to requirements on the Home show this season.

We have not seen the final however. For example, “Q&A” (currently available on CBS All accessibility ) focuses on Ensign Spock’s first day on the Enterprise, and also features Rebecca Romijn’s Number One and Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike, while Mount also shows up as Pike in”The Trouble with Edward” (an episode that also features Tribbles). It’s reasonable to assume we’ll be visiting more familiar faces more Short Treks are released. And there can be another path back for human/Klingon hybrid Ash Tyler he’s covert organization Section 31’s head, do not be shocked if he becomes a series regular on the Star Trek: Section 31 spin-off.

Meanwhile, the rest of the core throw will be back for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, so we’ll be seeing a lot more from Lt Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Commander Saru (Doug Jones), Lieutenant Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), Ensign Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) and Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz).

We also are aware that a rogue element will be on board the USS Discovery, as the Mirror Universe’s morally flexible Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) came along for the ride to the future. It is unlikely she’ll be a passenger, so we’d expect her to attempt to shape the century. We guess she’ll also be searching for a way back to Discovery’s present, as in the real world Yeoh has been attached to the Department 31 spin-off — seeing that there was only around a year involving her joining the organization in Star Trek: Discovery season 1 and then jetting off into the future in year two, the writers certainly have to discover a way to create more narrative space to play in.

Together with Discovery now centuries away from home along with other Federation vessels, there is likely to be screentime/character development for its supporting bridge crew Lieutenant Keyla Detmer (Emily Coutts), Commander Nhan (Rachael Ancheril), Lieutenant Joann Owosekun (Oyin Oladejo), Lieutenant Gen Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon), Lieutenant R.A. Bryce (Ronnie Rowe) and Lieutenant Nilsson (Sara Mitich). We will also be rather disappointed if we don’t see more from the USS Discovery’s sardonic engineer Jett Reno (Tig Notaro). Perhaps some of them will also get to front their particular episodes since the late Lt Commander Miriam did in year two — though hopefully with less tragic results…

“We’ve only scratched the surface [together with the crew],” explained Kurtzman at the Hollywood Reporter interview back in April 2019. “Our bridge crew is so competent. Every person rose to the occasion this season and is lovely. What we found is we and the lovers delight in stories. We’re going to be using them much. Especially because this team has sacrificed their lives. They have jumped 950 [sic] years to the future for one another. We would be doing something wrong, if we did not serve them.

“They are more a family than they’ve ever been,” he continued. “They’re very, very close in season two. But now they all have is each other. Their households are 950 [sic] years in the past. It’ll be very interesting to see the consequences of the decision they made. Saru said, ‘We signed up for this, and we understood what we were doing. We adore one another, respect each other, and need each other enough to know we’re going to make this decision for a group, as a family.’ But it doesn’t indicate that it won’t come with emotional consequences. That is something we’ll explore in year three.”

The Star Trek: Discovery season 3 cast won’t be restricted to the old guard, possibly, as David Ajala (who’s prior experience of outside space, thanks to his stint on George R.R. Martin adaptation Nightflyers) is the place to come aboard as Cleveland” Book” Booker, a resident of the 32nd century.

The official description says: “Smart and capable, Novel has a natural charisma and devil-may-care mindset that tends to put him into trouble as frequently as it gets him out,” while Ajala himself stated at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con that, “Novel will be a personality that breaks the rules a little bit.” Can he be a Neelix-style manual (and part-time fighter ) into Discovery’s voyages through unknown distance or some more intriguing, more peculiar, and potentially dangerous addition to the cast? Given Star Trek: the past form of Discovery, the smart money would be on the latter.

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 plot

Alex Kurtzman’s already supported to the Hollywood Reporter that Control, the rogue A.I. which was season two’s Big Bad, is now”officially neutralized — however there will be a lot bigger problems if they reach the other side of that wormhole.”

Exactly what the Star Trek: Discovery period 3 storyline has in the rest of the team in the century and store for Burnham, Saru, but remains something of an undiscovered country. You will find echoes of Star Trek: Voyager in a set up that dumps a Federation team in an unknown region/period, and leaves them to fend for themselves with no clear allies to rely on — we can only hope that Discovery has the guts to push the Trek storytelling envelope, instead of simply reverting to franchise clichés as Voyager did.

But transporting the show 930 years into the future is such a daring move that it can’t help but take the show in new directions — indeed, it can shake up things even more compared to quest-themed season 2 did following the war base of Star Trek: Discovery season 3. “The beauty of the promise of what we did after this year is that, if we do not deliver something utterly surprising and unexpected, we’ll have failed,” Kurtzman said at New York Comic Con in October 2019.

The time jump frees the writers to escape the shackles of the increasingly crowded Star Trek canon, which was becoming increasingly more challenging to browse the closer the show got into Spock’s famous five-year mission in the first series and the events of Kirk. In reality, it’s such a genius move that head-scratchers like the Spock sister truth or the spore drive of the Discovery had been cited in Star Trek make great sense.

So now the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 plot is free to learn more about an entirely new business of this franchise deadline, the 32nd century. “We have just seen glimpses of anything later on in Star Trek canon,” Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) told Syfy Wire. “So, that tells you this is new territory, that we’re going boldly where no one has gone ahead. It has to be fresh. It has to be a world we have never noticed a world that must be established. It’s the perfect way to specify us since we’re new yet familiar. So, when you have us in this world, we’re still who we are, coming from 2256. That’s not likely to change. You’ve got all that canon and background context. Now, however, you’ve got us in this new world. It’s almost poetic.”

(One of the”glimpses” she’s referring to perhaps”Calypso”, an incident in the initial run of Short Treks, which revealed a 1000-year-old Discovery becoming self-aware as it took a soldier in the future on board — and formed an unlikely friendship. At first glance, it simply looked like a random character study, but in the context of Discovery’s trip to the future, today feels far more applicable.)

Unfortunately to get a crew they’ll arrive in the century as Christopher Pike stayed behind to the Enterprise when the Discovery went through the wormhole. We can anticipate the team solving the command issue to be part of the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 plot, but as Kurtzman clarified to the Hollywood Reporter: “We shall be investigating who inherits that seat,” he said. “There is a loaded look between Saru and Burnham. They’re both qualified in rather different manners, and that is something we’ll investigate.”

However for all the newness, it seems like the new season will still cling on to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s idealized vision of the future — arguably a huge departure from the Klingon War-induced doom and gloom of Star Trek: Discovery season 1.

“Every conversation about how we produce Star Trek is filtered through Roddenberry’s essential vision of optimism,” Kurtzman said at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019,” which can never truly change since it’s the spirit and soul of Trek for all people. It’s more significant than ever. So there will be lots and lots of enormous changes in season three — there will be things that you recognize, there will be things you do not recognize… Part of the fun of it is that we get to honor canon but shake it up hugely.”

The man formerly known as Will Riker in The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes, echoes that opinion, and he should know. Not merely did he know Roddenberry, he is a regular Trek manager (he led big screen TNG outings First Contact and Insurrection), and has signed up to take the helm for two episodes in Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

“I can tell you that much about year three of Discovery: it is, in reality, a whole lot more optimistic,” Frakes told FanExpo Canada (via Convention Junkies). “After Gene expired, a few of the authors decided that Deep Space Nine should maybe take another tone, and that, I believe it did to particular degrees of achievement… And the optimism which Gene infused in all of his shows and all of us may not be as evident as it once was but it is certainly the driving force of his vision and the franchise, and Kurtzman and all the people who run our shows are extremely conscious that canon is important to all of you and all of us. But I am here to share that Discovery is now taking a more positive, traditional Star Trek approach in next season”

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 release date: coming in 2020, but when?

The month season 3 was supported on January 18, 2019 the season began. We are still waiting for a specific release date, however. Season 1 premiered in September 2017, and season 2 came in January 2019. With this 16-month gap in your mind and a 2020 release supported by Kurtzman previously is in April.

Now that all episodes of Picard have arrived, we should hear more about Star Trek: Discovery year. At the end of February, co-showrunner Michelle Paradise shown that season 3 had completed filming.

Regardless, the launch date is going to be affected by the coronavirus epidemic, we don’t know how much. Throughout a Wilson Cruz Instagram Live, Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets) stated in the remarks: “They’re currently editing and doing visual effects for Season 3, but it is shifting to operate from home so it will be slower than usual. No word yet as to how long that may take or when it will be released…”

The Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer reveals the future of the universe

Most importantly we can see the condition of the Discovery. We also get a sneak peek of David Ajala (Nightflyers) as a new personality Cleveland Booker. According to Variety at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Kurtzman said Booker or’ Book'”is going to become a character that breaks the rules a bit.”

Ajala is joined by brand new cast members Maulik Pancholy (Dr. Nambue, Chief Medical Officer on the USS Shenzhou), Terry Serpico (Admiral Anderson, a leading Starfleet official), also Sam Vartholomeos (Connor, a Junior Officer also about the Shenzhou).

Interestingly, we find a United Federation of Planets Flag with only six celebrities – is the Federation no more within this season? Could they’re the ghosts’ Book refers to in the trailer?

It also resembles Burnham is spending a long time in her quest to find”which domino that tipped over and started all of this.” We view appearance and her hair changes, suggesting that her experiences may take years or even weeks.

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