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Stargate Universe Season 3: All Official Updates on Release, Cancellation And Other Things!

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The series ended on a significant cliffhanger, so there still an opportunity Stargate Universe season 3 might occur? The plot included the discovery of an old gateway that opens a wormhole. The film was a surprise hit for director Roland Emmerich, who’d follow up with blockbusters such as Freedom Day and 1998’s Godzilla. While there was a strategy to get a trilogy of movies with Russell and Spader returning, this did not come to pass.

Instead, the franchise led to tv with Stargate SG-1, which surfaced in 1997. The series picked up from the narrative of the film, together with Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) carrying over Kurt Russell’s role. The series would wind up expanding the mythology and introduced new characters and races. The series ran for ten seasons and resulted in numerous spinoffs, such as Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Origins. Stargate Universe is just another series that came in 2009 and starred Ming-Na Wen and Robert Carlyle.

It was pitched as a take on the franchise, but it only lasted two seasons. The series ended on a massive cliffhanger, so is there hope to get a Stargate Universe season 3?

Stargate Universe Season 3: Recent Updates

While fans of this franchise chose to Stargate Universe’s edgier tone, it fought in the ratings. A decline in audiences throughout the season caused a reversal of timeslot in season two. Which saw the ratings fall. SYFY declared they would not be picking up the show to get a season, and it came to an end.

Stargate Universe also ended on a cliffhanger, with all the team’s ruined ship needing to leap to another universe. The group goes into stasis for your trip, except for Eli, that has since his glider is broken to remain alert. He’s two weeks until the life support systems closed down to fix it, with Eli staring into space, his future 29, along with the finale ends.

Stargate Universe Season 3: Story

In 2014 a lover took to Kickstarter to attempt to secure financing for Stargate Universe season 3. This effort did not have the backing of anyone and is expected to raise $27 million more than to fund the season. This effort fell far short of the goal, and in case the cash was increased by it, there was no guarantee yet another season could have occurred.

Stargate Universe Season 3: Other Information

In 2017 a comedian titled Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny came, which picked up from the series’s cliffhanger. It started with Colonel Young, played with Louis Ferreira (The Man In The High Castle), awakened by his pod by Eli along with a bunch of mysterious characters. In a flashback, Eli’s many attempts are revealed, but he was able to get himself ten weeks of life support.

Eli finds there are pods concealed on the Destiny, and that’s the way he finds these new characters. The canon of the comic is problematic because not one of the creative team was involved, but with little to no prospect of a season, the resolution fans will get.

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