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Alfa Romeo will announce the Giulietta late this year

With the Giulietta down, the Tonale in. One of Europe's oldest small hatchbacks. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been around since 2010 and has celebrated...

Alfa Romeo: There are no proposals to expand the GTA range

The Italian manufacturer reintroduced the GTA badge to Giulia, but SUV models are unlikely to be unveiled. The Italian manufacturer hopes that the GTA badge's...

Featuring the most impressive gate, the Alfa Romeo Pandion was a V8 model

Bertone's 8C Competizione model did a fine job of marking the centenary of Alfa Romeo, but the years that followed were not that successful...

Alfa Romeo could Reveal a new model in This Summer

You might not understand it, but this year marks the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. The automaker hasn't announced it will be celebrating its...