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Toto Wolff elaborates Mercedes’ Driver plans- Vettel Swoop not ruled out

We seem less to hear from Mercedes, during the pandemic lockdown period. But, now, it is one month since the races from F1 are...
Sergio Perez

Racing Point claims Massively underrated Sergio Perez at peak of career

This May is full of driver moves in Formula 1 from one to another team after Sebastian moving out of Ferrari. But we still...

Mika Hakkinen predicts Valtteri Bottas better than Ever for 2020

Is it well to predict that Valtteri Bottas comes out from the shadows of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes? And that he takes away his...
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz claims not more than 10 laps to have McLaren back on Limit

It is tough for everyone one of us to think of getting into F1 races and touching the limits. It is really out of...
Rob Smedley advises Carlos Sainz

Rob Smedley advises Carlos Sainz to grow a thick skin before Ferrari move

We have known for a time now that Carlos Sainz is signing in for Ferrari. But now, Carlos Sainz also knows that he is...

F1 Cost Cap 2021 Explanation – What is the Change and Why?

It is going to be quite exciting to watch Formula 1 races breaking new grounds. They are going for new regulations which are first...

Williams to sell F1 team due to huge losses in 2019

It comes as this that Williams are considering selling off the team. They are ready to give a part of the stake of the...
Lando Norris

Lando Norris overcomes the mental struggles of His rookie season but didn’t believe himself.

We see Lando Norris quickly get on his cult in the Formula 1 realm. And the words got to the disruptive and meme-approach. But,...

Racing Point to take Into Competition with New F1 rules

With the set of new F1 race rules coming to the surface, there is hope to many. We can hear the smacking lips of...
Toto Wolff

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff explains Mercedes Driver Criteria as 2021 team selection approaches

The World Champion Mercedes owns two most valued positions on the Formula 1 fid. And both the seats will be there for the 2021...