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Elon want Tesla’s Cybertruck to be smaller.

The Cybertruck's launch left us in awe. The edgy off-road electric pickup truck was a surprise gift from Musk to the world. Launching the...

Cyber-Trucks Of Tesla Slowly Transitioning To A Normal Pick-Up

The Contour still the same, however, it started to look more proportionate. The truck will probably be approximately three-percent smaller in proportion, a more balanced...

Tesla Cybertruck Is Revolutionary, The Exciting Most Popular Design

Having a collective gasp and looks, the Entire World was recently Introduced to the newest vehicle of Tesla. The Cybertruck is stainless steel, the all-electric...

The Exciting Most Popular Design of Tesla Cybertruck launch

Elon Musk aims at the design, power, and durability of mainstream trucks. We know that Tesla's futuristic cyber track turns out to be a setback...