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The war of Electric pick-up trucks; Cybertruck, Nikola Badger, Rivian R1T, And More !!!

Rivian has been pretty busy these days as the launch of its two new EVs, and the R1T and the R1S have been anticipated for...

Tesla: Tesla Roadster SpaceX-Derived Thrusters Confirmed by Musk

It's impossible to put the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster next to each other and claims that they are designed. Probably it produced by...

Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Touring Is a Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Looking Hideous

Tesla: Tesla builds a new version of the Model 3. It is not something that is totally off the table. But until it happens...

Cyber-Trucks Of Tesla Slowly Transitioning To A Normal Pick-Up

The Contour still the same, however, it started to look more proportionate. The truck will probably be approximately three-percent smaller in proportion, a more balanced...

Tesla Cybertruck Is Revolutionary, The Exciting Most Popular Design

Having a collective gasp and looks, the Entire World was recently Introduced to the newest vehicle of Tesla. The Cybertruck is stainless steel, the all-electric...

The Exciting Most Popular Design of Tesla Cybertruck launch

Elon Musk aims at the design, power, and durability of mainstream trucks. We know that Tesla's futuristic cyber track turns out to be a setback...