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Tamil Nadu to get a new Schwing Stetter, India, to be its export Hub.


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The faculty is going to be around 63, 620 square meters, and 52 acres of spread. It will have a strength to produce 2500 excavators in a single shift. The Schwing Stetter not only wants to set up a center here but also, make India it’s an export hub, besides the indigenous expansion. This will allow it to fetch reasonable control over the middle east market and other Asian countries. The Schwing Stetter India has already commenced the concreting machinery manufacturing along with the local production of construction and mining equipment.

The Facility has been set up by the German Schwing Stetter with an investment of 230 crores, and the place or its location is Cheyyar, Tiruvannamalai District. The Facility is going o be the fifth for the Sipcot industrial area.

The workers in the factory will be around 500 in numbers from the Tiruvannamalai and the neighboring districts, from the words of the company executive. As per the information we got from V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director of Schwing Stetter India, Tamil Nadu was not the first choice for the setup of the first executive plant. They had scouted many areas in Madhya Pradesh, Pune and Nagpur . But after they had gone to Tamil Nadu to find out many profits. They concluded that Tamil Nadu has got many strategic advantages like skilled human resources, cheaper land rates, vendor base, and port availability. He also informed us about the land costs of various areas.

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He also added that making their executive faculty near to the port center will lead to a minimization in the transportation cost and, thereby, had a lot to offer. Not only this, it will help in the timely clearance of the orders. The Schwing Stetter India is to be operational here by the Mid of 2020 with the XCMG excavators probably.

The company had a look over the three ports of Chennai and was ready to face any congestion problem outside the country for it. They have also applied good marketing plans. They want to sell 50 parts made outside India for testing and feedback and then plan for good responses of about 25000 units, beginning with 500 in the domestic market itself.

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