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Tata Motors Announces Discounts upto Rs 65,000 on Tiago, Tigor, and Harrier Car Model !!!

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After Maruti Suzuki shed some prices on its premium Nexa models, the Tata also announces July 2020 discounts to cope with the pandemic and increase the sales. Tata announces up to Rs 65,000 discounts for July 2020. All all the automotive company saw a drastic fall in sales, within these three months, all thanks to coronavirus, Tata finished the month actively with the least Year-on-Year de-growth of them all at 14 percent. To carry forward the same sharp lines going high, the brand offers discounts across its range except for the Altroz and the electrified Nexon.

Tata Tiago hatchback gets an Rs. 15,000 cash discount and Rs. 10,000 exchange bonus – taking the total to Rs. 25,000 to start.

The Nexon compact SUV, on the other hand, is not offered with any cash discount or exchange bonus as it only gets corporate offers. For Tata Group employees and vendors, it can be had with Rs. 10,000 benefits. For corporate employees and health workers, Tata is providing discounts of either Rs. 3,000 or Rs. 5,000.

The Tigor compact sedan gets Rs. 20,000 cash discount and Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus – taking the total benefits up to Rs. 40,000.

The Harrier mid-size SUV is retailed with Rs. 25,000 cash discount and Rs. 40,000 exchange bonus. A total of Rs. 65,000 applies for all variants of the Harrier except Dark Edition, XZ+, and XZA+. For the trio of options, Tata only offers an exchange bonus of Rs. 40,000.

The below table abridges the deals,

Model Cash Discounts + exchange bonus Total Discounts

Tata Tiago Rs 15,000 + Rs 10,000 Rs 25,000

Tata Nexon Only for corporate employees Only for corporate employees

Tata Tigor Rs 20,000 + Rs 20,000 Rs 40,000

Tata Harrier(excluding Dark Edition, XZ+, and XZA+) Rs 25,000 + Rs 40,000 Rs 65,000

Tata Harrier (Dark Edition, XZ+, and XZA+) Nil + Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000

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