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The $22,890 Zero Motorcycles SR / S has a total of 201 miles and that’s plenty

There was some snickering in the serious motorcycling culture when Zero Motorcycles first launched “A limited range EV motorcycle? Move. “But the haters were gone, as the company proved its durability and the value of its computers. The new one in the fleet at Zero is the SR / S, a sport-tourer with a range of up to 201 miles; hell yeah.

Now shipping across the world to Zero’s retailers, the SR / S is drawing on the momentum of the streetfighter SR / F’s 2019 launch of Zero. The two motorcycles share the new design of Zero’s frame as well as the 14.4 kW lithium-ion battery pack. Which is rated at 110 horsepower, 140 pound-feet torque, and 161 miles. A top speed of 124 mph means you can get to work on time.


There will also be two versions on sale, the SR / S Regular and the SR / S Premium, with the major difference between the two being charging capability. A 3kW battery on the Standard gives a rate of 95 percent in 4 hours. An upgraded 6kW Charger cuts in half of that. The Premium gets the regular 6kW battery, but there is also an extra 12kW fast-charger for one-hour charging-ups.

There are a few optional extras such as heated grips and colors. While Zero’s wired rider network is free for the first two years and records a variety of details you can share with your mates and fellow two-wheeled junkies. Nevertheless, the Scope is the biggest element.

Atop the $19,995 sticker from the Regular and the $21,995 from the Premium, for $2,895 extra. Zero’s Power Tank will boost the range of the SR / S to a safe 201 miles. And considering that the charging times are relatively short. It’s plenty particularly for the SR / S Premium with the quick charger.

And while the electric motorcycles are not what you would call free, they are eligible for Federal Tax Credit from the EV. However, it’s still a lot cheaper than the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and has even more variety. The Zero SR / S starts selling on March 1st and I can’t wait to throw a leg over it.


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