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The Chevrolet New Bolt EV Electric Car

The most common question about electric cars in everyone’s mind is that the range of the vehicle and how much time is taken by the battery to get charged. In the electric car competition, with the Hyundai KIA and Tesla, all offers Ev’s with the range of 239 plus miles but for less than $40,000. 

Since the charging time is the same as 10 hours for the wholly charged battery while using 2 level charger, in case the battery is exhausted, then the user can run the car 90 miles in 30 minutes by using a 3rd level charger. There is no access to the fast charger at home, so 4 miles per hour are expected using the 120V charger. 

The newly invented feature in the car is the high-definition camera, which is used to observe the surround’s view. There is a new grille look at the front end. There is a 2nd generation full display mirror, which is frameless, and it also has some optional settings. The interior and exterior look is almost the same. The; only difference is in the color options, and that is Orange Mettalic and Oasis Blue. 

The battery usage of the car while travelling changes from 60 kW-hr to 66 kW-hr. There is a 10 percent increase in the usage of battery, and that is about 21 miles of range. The car can cover approx 246 miles without any issue, but the cold weather can affect the range of the car. 

The car produces instant torque that is 200hp and 266 lb-ft, which is enough for a mild 6 seconds 0-60 sprint. The disadvantage of the car is that it has a noisy interior. The gears can switch electrically in the car. It is a 5-seater car. 

The dimensions of the car are:

Length is 164.0

Width is 69.5

Height is 62.8

Wheelbase is 102.4

The car is having an ABS brake for safety purposes. The car also contains power windows. The starting price of the car is $37,495.


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Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
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