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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Animated Series

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Netflix has not formally revived the animated series; however, a panel scheduled for San Diego Comic-Con’s @ Home variant will affirm that more news about Dragon Prince Season 4is coming this summer.

On June 13, it was declared that The Dragon Prince’s voice cast and founders would be participating in a digital panel for Comic-Con @ Home. The group is scheduled to be held at some point between July 22 and July 26, though the time and date have not been confirmed.

The cast and talking the series and creators will answer fan questions. Creatives come bearing teasers, trailers, or some information about the projects they are working on. (At NYCC 2019, fans must see the entire first episode of Season 3 long before its official launch.) So it’s likely that fans will finally learn what’s going on with Season 4 and if The Dragon Prince is coming into Netflix anytime soon, if at all.

After all, the first three seasons of The Dragon Prince were released in rapid succession, which can be typical for a few Netflix animated displays however definitely not the standard. It creates the wait for information about Season 4, all the more concerning for lovers.

That said, Season 4 may be in jeopardy despite news of the SDCC panel. Late last year, allegations came to light against The Dragon Prince co-creators Aaron Ehasz, that was accused of misogynistic behavior toward his female employees. Danika Harrod, the former Head of Community Development in Wonderstorm (the studio founded by Ehasz and Richmond to make The Dragon Prince), talked about feeling too fearful of publicly following a”painful” experience. Two other workers who worked with Ehasz backed All these allegations.

But, despite Ehsaz’s documented behavior, The Dragon Prince co-creator was hopeful that the animated series could find a fourth season on Netflix. He even teased what fans could expect if the show does get renewed, such as more of this mysterious land of Xadia, its politics, along with the mystical Sunfire Elves.

The fact that the series is coming to SDCC at all is excellent news, but fans will need to wait just a little while longer to find out if The Dragon Prince Season 4 is occurring.


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