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The Family Man Season 2: Plot, Release Date And Much More

The Family Man has been setting the standards for Indian series recently. With a great plot, talented acting and a power packed production, the show has won fans not only in India but all over the world.

The Amazon Prime show has set a benchmark for Hindi series. With season 1 being so impressive fans can’t wait for the next season of the Indian series.

Plot Of Family Man Season 2

The Family Man

The Indian series is created, directed and written by Raj Midimoru and Krishna DK. It follows the life of Srikant, played by Manoj Bajpayee. Srikant is a family man and was also an agent of the National Intelligence Bureaucracy (NIA), which is a branch of the security agency in India. It follows his life and how he balances his duties both towards his nation and his family.

Season 1 ends with a lot of suspense, will Srikant be able to save the nation that he cherishes and the family that he loves dearly. Season 1 left fans wanting more of the series and for obvious reasons. Many fans are waiting to see the aftermath of the gas release and want to dwelve deeper into the character’s storylines.

Family Man Season 2 Release Date

Amazon has confirmed a second season of Family Man which left fans elated an excited. Many fans speculate Season 2 to be released in October 2020. Actor Manoj Bajpayee in coversation with Bollywood Hungama confirmed that the shooting of Family Man Season 2 is complete, however the editing process is still left. Due to the corona virus outbreak the editing process is taking time to complete and everything has to be done online. So, Season 2 release might get delayed but we are expecting that it wouldn’t be much. You can expect Family Man season 2 on Amazon Prime video by the end of 2020.

Great news for Family Man fans out there is that the creators are trying to conceptualize Season 3 of Family Man. That means if things go great we might not get just one renewal but another season of Family Man as well. But Season 3 is yet on planning stages and a confirmation ga only be given after the corona virus pandemic eases down.


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