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The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is £ 400,000 (but now sold out)

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Honda announced UK pricing for its extreme Style R Limited Edition. But it’s moot at this stage-all of them have already sold out.

Not unexpectedly, the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is not inexpensive. Or, more precisely, it wasn’t cheap-while confirming that the car was priced at £ 39,995 on the road, Honda UK also announced that the car had already been sold out.

Those 20 UK-bound vehicle samples–out of a European quota of 100. As went before buyers realized how far it was going to put them back. Even without them knowing it.

The consumers are getting… less than their £ 40k. Well, less weight, anyway-each Type R LE is 47 kg lighter than the standard GT edition. Due to the polished 20-inch BBS alloy wheels. The decreased soundproofing and the ditching of the infotainment system plus the air conditioning. For comparison to lightweight hot hatch exceptions such as the Renault Megane Trophy-R and Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, the rear seats have been left for.

Such beautiful BB rims are covered in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tires, increasing their stability and durability considerably. There are a new Alcantara-clad steering wheel and a teardrop gear knob on the bottom.

Was all this worth a premium on the 33,870 Type R GT? We’re going to let you guys argue this one out in the section. Let’s hope that one of us will want to find out for ourselves later in the year.

Limited-run Civic Form R sold out before anyone can see it.

I have accustomed to limited-edition cars that sell easily. When Bentley’s Mulliner Division announced that it would build only 12 Bacalars, for example, you knew they would be sold out. But now Honda fell foul of the same problem, having sold out its Civic Type R special edition before anyone even a chance to see it.

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