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    The Mercedes Benz Unimog amazes with incredible tricky steering wheel system

    • The Mercedes Unimog astonishes everyone with its Variopilot system and steer-by-wire technology
    • As a result, the users to shift the steering on either side.

    The Mercedes Benz Unimog which is the wide chosen automobile for the adventurers because of its ability to climb the waterways or even volcano ranges amazed everyone with its exotic feature of changing the steering wheel system. As a result, you can allow the vehicle to switch from left-hand-drive to right-hand-drive in a cinch.

    It is known that this Unimog includes the Variopilot system, which is distinct from the present automobile market. 

    The latest news reveals that the modern Unimog U 530, which is specially made as an implemented carrier for foreign markets. Mercedes focuses on their Unimogs have to adapt to various conditions, both on- and off-road across different continents with its incredible ability to switch the steering wheel from side to side.

    This technology is far from the present automobile trends arises the question of safety. This puzzling scenario can be only explained by relatively few people outside the company who know how it works.

    The main principle of this awesome technology is that the steering column uses electronic linkages with quick disconnects. This system indeed needs to consider the self-locking feature, which contends the customers in terms of safety regulations.

    This feature becomes helpful when crossing borders where countries may drive on the left side of the road in one instance and on the right in the next.

    It is already known that the Mercedes is about to bring this technology to more road-going vehicles, after meeting the safety regulations of the Unimogs U350.

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