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The new era unleashing soon-Electric vehicle

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Since the very first time the term electric vehicle is introduced in the world, everyone in this era is electrified isn’t it! Every technology be it new or conventional, one or the other day it has to come to an end. Now the same scenario the internal combustion engine is facing, due to the introduction of new term electric vehicles. Now the time has come for the technology to upgrade, and this upgrade will worth every penny. Due to significant drawbacks in IC engine the time has finally come to bid a final farewell to the present technology and switch to electric driven vehicles. The major drawback includes:-
1. Efficiency- The major drawback of IC engine is the low efficiency to fuel ratio. Majorly on 20-30 percent of the energy supplied by the fuel is utilized. If we compare it with an electric motor, the ability is more than 2-3 times the efficiency of IC engine.
2. Environmental friendly- As cars running on IC engine leaves carbon-dioxide footprints behind, so these harmful gases are making our environment toxic. Hence with the introduction of electric driven vehicles this problem will be efficiently managed because they leave zero carbon-dioxide traces into the atmosphere.
3. Uses conventional energy sources- Unlike IC engines are dependent totally on natural resources like petroleum, which are limited in nature, the electric driven cars run on electricity.
Now the automobile industry has only one choice left “either electrify or die”. Due to high pollution levels worldwide the combustion engines is scrapped and a new alternative of electric motor and battery pack has been introduced by many automobile giants which are still in major developmental stages. Brands including Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and others are working their best to convert their prototype model into mass production by the year 2022-2025. Audi will be using permanent magnet synchronous motor, with all-wheel drive features with a front motor as an asynchronous motor for an unmatched pickup and performance which will be powered by a large battery pack for extending the range of the vehicle. Unleashing the true potential of the car, will take some more time as they are just prototypes but when they come true, they will “ELECTRIFY” the industry forever.

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Anoj Kumar
Anoj Kumar
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