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The Order season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot Trailer And What will happen in season 2?

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Netflix has revealed the official trailer for The Order Season two, which will launch on the streaming service on Thursday, June 18. Like the first season, the season will consist of 10 episodes.

The first season, which debuted on March 7, 2019, is placed at Belgrave University, where college freshman Jack Morton joins a fabled society and is thrust into a game of life or death. Since Jack goes deeper, he uncovers also an struggle between werewolves and the dark arts and family secrets.

When is The Order season 2 released?

Season two of The Order is going to be released Thursday 18th June 2020 on Netflix.

Where can I watch it?

The Order season two will be available to watch on Netflix. Season 1 is available on the platform.

A standard subscription for Netflix prices #8.99, but it is possible to take a peek at all subscriptions choices here.

What happened last season?

Throughout season one, we watched Jack join the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose to avenge his mother’s death and take down his estranged dad — the society’s chief Edward Coventry (Max Martini).

Upon learning about the use of the magic of the Blue Rose, Jack combined rival group the Knights of Saint Christopher — a culture made up of werewolves who aim to take down the Blue Rose.

The Order season 2

We soon discovered the reason for Jack and his grandfather Pete’Pops’ Morton’s (Matt Frewer) contempt for Coventry — that the warlock put a love spell upon Jack’s mother and shortly after abandoned her without taking away the spell, leading to her suicide.

In the close of the season, Coventry seemingly kills Pops while Blue Rose member and Jack’s love interest Alyssa (Sarah Grey) wipes the memories of Jack and his fellow Knights — Randall, Lilith, and Hamish.

What will happen in season 2?

With the first season ending with Jack forgetting all he has uncovered about the Order, the Knights, his grandfather’s death, and even his own identity, the events of season 2 follow Jack as he attempts to slice the few memories he’s back together again.

As Alyssa was the one who wiped Jack’s memory, we’ll see how her guilt over what she is done will manifest itself and if she’ll rekindle her romance when he gets to know her again.

Additionally, we may see the rivalry between the werewolf-filled Knights and the Order as they battle each other round the Belgrave campus.

Is whether Jack’s grandfather Pops is dead. We are aware that the Order has powers of necromancy after Jack watched some of the society’s members messing about with the dark artwork in episode one, while at a later episode, Jack stole the microphone which allowed him to talk to his mother beyond the tomb.

In a bewitching show like The Order , resurrections can not be ruled out.

The Order season 2 cast

Jake Manley will be reprising his role as Jack Morton, the protagonist that joins the two the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose along with the Knights of Saint Christopher of the show.

He will be starring alongside Sarah Grey, who plays his love interest and secret saboteur Alyssa Drake, Adam DiMarco (Randall Carpio), Devery Jacobs (Lilith Bathory) and Thomas Elms (Hamish Duke).

It’s uncertain whether Matt Frewer will go back to play with Pete’Pops’ Morton, as his character appeared to die last season there is a possibility that the grandfather of Jack might be reanimated through using dark magic.

Is there a trailer for season 2?

Netflix announced season 2 of The Order back in March 2019, and while a complete trailer has not been released , the streamer released a video announcing the renewal that shows Jack and his mystical friends pour a blue liquid on a publication, causing it to burst into flames. A clue for season 2?

The Order season 2 will land on Netflix on Thursday 18th June. While you’re waiting to see our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight

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