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The ride of a Honda Ridgeline Baja Race truck

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The rule describes that you need to lookup. And no to the thing in Infront of you. But to the stuff coming in the way. It is a fundamental lesson of driving. It applies everywhere, be it the commute or the racetrack.

This seems to be pretty much straightforward. But not when you are in Infront of three-foot deep crates. And the speed is 80 plus mph. It looks like madness, even from the co-drivers seat to do such a thing. The Ram 1500 Laramie had to crawl through these ditches, at five mph or below even on a smooth side of the Mojave Desert to keep the front from tearing apart. Also, the speed had to be just 40 on the softer side.
Even watching the Baja truck leave at a slower one would make you shiver and think that going faster will be sure a bad idea. The car sways like the Catch crab in its deadliest swag. It seemed like a sail in the storms of the sea.

You can see the Honda class 7 ridgeline at its best when it bumps up with the three feet suspensions, and not dropping down into them. The suspension has given it a great ability to drop the wheels into the pits and holes and pop back from nowhere while the chassis and the body still float in the air undisturbed. It looks like a divine power holding it in air . just magic!! For a second or two, you might get to think that the car is going to act violently or may explode. This may be felt due to the vigorously moving suspensions, going up and down at a vigorous frequency.

It does such a thing even at the 800 miles of 26 hours. From the right seat, also it doesn’t seem a sane thing to perform. It makes you lose the focus, and you might think that its goanna hurt this time. But it never does. The pits and holes seem pretty Halloween, and the Honda truck passes it as a stunt of some kind would say.

The best one is to put the automatic transmission on the gears and make for the modulate throttles. It will feel just like a boat with wheels. Have fun!!

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