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The Screaming Eagle – Harley Davidson Imola

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The Screaming Eagle – Harley Davidson Imola

The past twenty years and they have been called the Thunder Bike. There are a lot of skills and time put into converting the Harley into a Thunder Bike and there are seldom ideas arising on to it. But once when there is, it is an incredible one. The recent updates from their factories were the Black Star 110 and the Flawless 3, but now, it is time for some classic.

 Yeah, you got it right, a history but it is more of a fantastic run as well.

The soft tail conversion is one of the best looks for the Imola, the fourth in the line of something called the GP series out of the garage, is perhaps one of the finest creations to look at now. The modification list runs a bit too long, including the green and gold Imola making it for the US. there are up to ten stock items refreshed, from the visible parts like the front and rear fender and to then less noticeable turn signals and handlers. There is also an important addition of the aluminum milled single-side swingarm and gold painted wings.

 Then, there is the style enhanced all along. There are a very few Harley- Davidson Models with some customization on them, found outside the US. And it is surely because of the experience of the garages of the US. Plenty more than one in the abroad. But, we found one of those Europe based Garages taking on even the American Giants.

There is no news of modification done to the engine, the Screaming Eagle 117 cc. There is also a list of achievements for the bike since its presentation half a year ago. It has managed to grab two titles in Europe since then.

So, if you want to try a hand on one of those, out of the box, European Garage customized Thunder Bikes. You must have a greater taste at style, especially from the Americans, and it won’t disappoint you as well. Keep your choice as Imola for sure, at the beginning.

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