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The Toyota C-HR Hybrid: A trendy garage item

The Toyota C-HR Hybrid: A trendy garage item


The Toyota C-HR Hybrid is a Suv that must adorn a trendsetter garage. It is a small SUV featuring a lot.

And in this, comes a striking design and the Toyota’s well established and experimented technologies.

The market for small SUV has been vacant after the Nissan Juke in 2010 got introduced and the crossover market exploded.

But, now, very few cars can even stand in the queue to get a comparison with the Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

It has got a lot of advanced powertrain and efficiency which was not expected from it.

Once, a thing came with the manual transmission four-wheel drive and 1.2 l petrol engines, but now the revised Toyota C-HR Hybrid comes with 1.8 liter or 2.0-liter hybrid powertrains only.

Economy and Class !!

The CH-R Hybrids fuel economy is as good as its CO2 emission results.

This also makes us assured that if you go on a long mile, you need not buy a diesel engine for that. Just the urban driving comes up with the Hybrid power and automatic gear.

The comparisons may be to the Hyundai Kona hybrid or the Nissan Qashqai. But this car, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid adorns the paper and the metal in a fantastic comparison.

Theresa lot of space with the racked rear windows and the 2019 look made it more of a sports type.

The purposeful front bumper design and the gloss black spoiler serves their purpose most gracefully.

The big step forward is the dashboard design with a lot of soft and glossy touch up here and there, with the black surface m making it look a more appealing than ever.

It suits the eye as well as the hand. The modern and sleek interior will be a proud thing for an owner in initial as well as overtime.

the Toyota C-HR Hybrid is a hybrid than the conventional plug-in model and doesn’t support much of the electric range, and the batteries are charged by then 1.8 or 2.-0 liter petrol engine or the energy harnessed while driving.


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