Home Car News The weird but cute and fantastic concept of Suzuki cars.

The weird but cute and fantastic concept of Suzuki cars.

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The weird but cute and fantastic concept of Suzuki cars.
We are already living in a world where the Tokyo Motor Show concepts have begun to influence the minds of people and made them imagine a new concept.
It’s time we should brace ourselves for Suzuki has announced its theme for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and it is no less interesting not to occupy your minds.
The name “WAKU WAKU SWITCH for EVERYONE: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone.” describes it in a very strange and sparkle manner.
Yes, we do say it is slightly strange. Still, it is, even more, a piece of fantastic news, that the theme has spawned 2 brilliantly retro-styled concept cars that will be on display as said at the motor show in late October and early November.
First to come up is the WAKU SPO with its glory as high as depicted by the capitals. We have only got limited details for now, but Suzuki says that this little two-door car is an exciting plug-in hybrid that can switch its body shape, face and dashboard content at the tip of a switch. Now, this seems quite spectacular for now.
Those new definitions in the car look suspiciously like winged cameras mounted on the front wings making the model look like a complete hybrid of retro style and innovation from the future.
The second image above is of the HANARE, which translated from Japanese script means ‘detached cottage’. Now, here’s the stress on.
This is where you might have thought that HANARE is an autonomous car, which gives the people sitting in a chance to connect themselves as they travel in their “comfortable interior spaces.”
As Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2020, it has begun to work on introducing products and technologies that will be the key to the next 100 years. Seriously, if it continues to work on with such efforts, we will be the first in the line to keep it busy for ourselves for a year or so.

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