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Third win for Russell, Successively, in Virtual Azerbaijan GP. Leclerc struggles in Baku

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George may be lacking in winning a season. Though he is still with this season under his seat with Williams. But he is going on to become the king of Virtual racing. We are saying this after he took the third successive in Grand Prix for F1 Esports. The driver saw his win in the top at a thrilling match. It was a duel with Charles Leclerc in the Virtual Grand Prix last month. And for the match two weeks before, he won with the domination of 40 seconds after all.

In this week, he is back in form. We saw him in his imperious form in the Virtual Azerbaijan Grand Prix. It was a moment when he literally snatched the pole position from his friend and rival Alex Albon. It was a moment of death of qualifications. As soon as the race began, there were twists and crashes, But Russel and Albon- whos started second, took a clear lead in the race. They took an early lead. Then it was a clear match between Willians and Red Bulls drivers. They opted for different strategies to get the upper hand. Lap 8 saw Russel pit to swap his soft tyres for medium, while A; Albon went for hard tyres. Russel wanted to pull further, but couldn’t,t, despite the faster rubber. Russell was in doubt as his tyres could drop off, but finally, he won with a three-second lead.


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