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Timeless Season 3: Cancellation Updates And Much More You Need to Know !!!

Timeless season 3 didn’t happen since the NBC TV show was canceled after season 2, though it did get a two-hour series finale wrap-up movie – here’s everything you need to know about the Timeless cancellation.

Timeless was never a massive rating hit for NBC, but it did have its legion of devoted fans who managed to keep the show alive despite low ratings. As such, Timeless was canceled twice, but revived twice as well, before finally wrapping up with a two-hour series finale movie. Now, we break down the complicated history of Timeless season 3’s cancellation.

Timeless Was Cancelled After Season 2

Toward the end of season 2, co-creator Eric Kripke warned fans that Timeless was once again on the bubble, meaning its ratings weren’t high enough to guarantee a season 3 renewal. The creators and the fans had every reason to worry the show would be canceled once again, with it seeming unlikely Timeless would get another hail mary like after season 1. Still, the Timeless season 2 finale cliffhanger caused fans to hope that the show would be allowed to wrap up somehow. NBC canceled Timeless (again) after season 2 but left the option open for the series to be given a two-hour finale movie to wrap up its storylines.

Timeless Had A Finale Movie – But No Season 3 After NBC Canceled

When Timeless season 3 failed to find a home after NBC canceled the show, the producers reached an agreement with the network for a wrap-up movie. NBC officially announced the Timeless series finale movie in July 2018, and production began. The Timeless two-part series finale aired on NBC in December 2018, wrapping up Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus’s storylines, and Flynn and the show’s supporting characters. It was a deserving, if rushed, the conclusion to the fan-favorite TV show.

As such, Timeless season 3 never happened and likely never will be. Though specific beloved television series with dedicated and vocal fans have managed to get those productions revived multiple times (Arrested Development and Veronica Mars in particular), Timeless is canceled. At least, for now.

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