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Top 5 Anime to watch on Netflix

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Are you looking for best anime to watch on Netflix? And you just searched for “best anime on Netflix?” on search engine and landed here.

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you are on the correct webpage. I am going to list some of the best shows that you can watch on Netflix today.

As you might be aware that Netflix is one of the best anime apps to watch anime offline. You can watch a number of latest anime series here without paying anything extra.

There is absolutely no need to subscribe to any anime specific app. As now days everybody loves to watch out anime series on Netflix as it provides a wonderful platform to watch our favourites anime and manga series easily.

But what about if we don’t know which series should we go for the first as each one appears best in itself.

Generally, we become unable to decide the best which will suit our taste. But now no need to worry about it because I have got a list of top anime series anyone can opt for on Netflix at any time.

Let’s find out!


  • Bleach


One of the popular anime ever in Netflix, this series occupies the first position in our list. This a story about a school going boy Kurosaki, who gets the power of a Soul Reaper in Substof Kuchiki. He initially hesitates to hold such powers and responsibilities that come along but later accepts his duty. He saves others from evil spirits and serves as a guide to those who have died. Full of suspense and adventure, this is one of the most liked series on Netflix.


  • Aggretsuko


Another top-rated series available on Netflix, this anime comes second in the list. The storyline is beautifully written. The story more resembles real-life situations like the difficulties a common people face that is why is liked by many people. Retsuko, a red panda is always annoyed by his co-workers and superiors who irritate him at his workplace. Thus, to bring out her emotions, every night she goes to a bar (karaoke). The story makes you feel relatable.


  • Death Note


Moving on, we have another interesting series on Netflix, ‘Death Note‘. In the story, there is a high-school boy, Yagami, who can kill anyone just by writing the person’s name on a black notebook (Death Note). He wanted to create an ideal world using that notebook as soon as he came to know about the mysterious powers of that notebook. And after that, you can go to know more.


  • Violet Evergarden 


With another interesting plot, this Netflix series comes fourth in the list. A story that revolves around Violet, an abandoned child with no name who was brought up by Dietfried. The scientist employs a ghostwriter to aid her wife in writing her novels. The plot has beautifully designed with wonderful characters. There are many more things to know about the girl, Violet.


  • Kill La Kill


Last but of course not the least, this series on Netflix occupies the fifth position in our list. Its a story about uniforms and the natural powers it offers to its wearers. There is a fictional school in which students wear Goku uniforms made up of life fibres. Matoi with her long sword challenges everyone to get the person who killed her father. Suspense holds its grip and now what the next. Well, go and watch you will get to know.


Hitherto, we have gone through some of the top-rated anime series everyone would love to watch on Netflix.

Make your experience better with these anime series on Netflix which offers the best quality. Go watch out.

Also, if you have already watched the above anime series, you may refer to this IMDB list for best anime of all times.

Personally speaking, I am currently waiting for High School DxD Season 5, as I loved all the previous seasons and I am eagerly waiting for the fifth season to be released.

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