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    Top Gun 2: Reason Behind Goose’s Real Death In Top Gun!! [News Leaked]

    Goose’s departure in the first Best Gun film was awful, but it had been needed to push the narrative forward. For a movie that was hooked on a 24-year-old Tom Cruise oozing youthful audiences with scenes between shirtless guys playing volleyball on the beach and also a timely soundtrack full of unforgettable songs, Goose’s passing was shocking; it had been one which was not expected, however looking back on it, it had been very much essential.

    During nearly all the movie, Maverick (Cruise) was a character who adopted a cocky, arrogant personality. The something which separated him was his friendship with Goose.

    Goose’s departure had significance to it, although maverick confessed to Goose he had been the only real family he’d left. Killing off Goose at Top Gun represented a vital step towards enabling Maverick to return into a second of self-discovery.

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