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Toyota GR86255-hp and other major news leaks in distributor introduction

Motor1 said it obtained details from an internal source last month who was attending a Toyota dealer conference. And Lexus expects the next few years for the company.

Motor1 didn’t disclose any slides or facts from the presentation to secure the source. A snapshot of what happened behind closed doors made its way online, Allcarnews posting yesterday one of the slides, as well as its recap of the plans of the Japanese automaker which mirrors the Motor1 story.

If all this is true, there is not only a ton of product in the works. But there will be more interesting Toyota and Lexus lineups responding to several enthusiastic groups ‘ requests.
We’re going to start with the 86, then move on by model-year after that. The next-gen coupe developed with Subaru should sit on Toyota’s TNGA platform, for the Gazoo Racing division of Toyota. And have a rebrand to wear the name GR86.

The real hallelujah occurs under the hood where it is expected that a turbocharged four-cylinder would produce 255 horsepower, a 50-hp improvement over the current model. Look even for a retrofitted interior. The debut is set for July 2021, likely in autumn.

A new crossover and a new Sienna with electric powertrains. So, it will only launch during the fall season. Since 2010 the new minivan has been on sale receiving a small refresh in front in 2018. The crossover will be a five-seat midsize that will carry back the name Venza. This model has already speculated here and abroad.

This would have electric powertrains, too. All intended as 2021-model-year models, their reasons in both the RAV4 and Highlander variants may be based on the 2.5-liter four-cylinder. And a new Camry can come in as a 2021MY sedan later this year.

On the Toyota line, and as announced by TFL. A 2022MY pickup will see in December 2021 by the all-new Tundra who’s first to ride on the TNGA-F truck platform. With a torque of around 455 horsepower and 500 pound-feet, possibly differentiated by the I Max branding that Toyota recently added to the car.


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